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Geeks and Social Dancing? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Well, no, a large number of people who enjoy Scottish Country Dancing come from backgrounds involving computer sciences, mathematics and sciences. That is probably because Scottish country dancing is a kind of pattern dancing, with dancers creating patterns during the dance, something that seems to appeal to people who enjoy geometry, harmony and well, patterns. In addition the music that we dance to is compelling and catchy, sometimes with a driving beat, always melodic, sometimes touchingly so, and the musicians who play this music are usually excellent. And the recordings are sensational.

But the nicest part about Scottish country dancing, especially at Scotia Dancers, is that the dancers are very friendly and welcoming – we want newcomers and visitors to feel comfortable and enjoy the dancing as much as we do. What’s great is that it is social dancing – we change partners for every dance, and you can even attend a formal ball without an escort or date and always have someone to dance with!

You don’t need to have ever danced before to come to Scotia Dancers; you don’t even need to know your left from your right (many of even our best dancers sometimes get this a little confused, actually!) And we really come from all kinds of backgrounds, but we get together to dance. Our dancers are of all ages, shapes and sizes. No one cares what you do for a living, how much you make, how much education you have, what your status is in the world – we care that you enjoy the dancing and have a good time. Now don’t you wish that the whole world was like that!

And because the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) has codified the dances, the figures (patterns) and the steps, a Scottish country dancer can find a group throughout the world, whether it is specifically to attend a special dance or event, or just because you want to dance while traveling and meet new people. It’s international dancing! [Steps?! Well, of course there are steps! How else are you going to get from one place to another? But the steps are easily learnable and we have good teachers. We encourage everyone to perfect them, and the dances and patterns, but hey, how many people are perfect except you and me?]

So, if you’re a geek, or you’re just reading this little piece on the internet, come on down to Scotia Dancers! Get out of the house and away from your computer, you need some air, some exercise, some fun, and some socializing! Really, it’s easy! We’ll handle you with kid gloves and try to make you as comfortable as we know how! That is a promise you can take to the bank! Just take the first step, come down, and let us do the rest. You’ll have a lot of fun, meet nice people and receive a royal welcome. And mention that you read this piece and we’ll have a surprise for you!

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