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14 September 2017

Dear Dancers,

Welcome to the 2017-18 dance year.  We are Scotia Dancers, a decades’strong group that delights in the centuries’ old, and ever-evolving, tradition of Scottish country dancing.   We are enthused by the joy of dancing together, stimulated by the music that accompanies the dance and fortified by our sense of social connection to each other.  I am eager to tell you that our dance year is about to begin and inform, or remind, you that this fun and energizing dance form is appropriate for everyone, younger and older, and, anyone, no matter one’s level of fitness, can try it out and take it on for the first time. 

As passionate as we are about dancing in the moment, we make efforts to keep our community evolving and expanding into the future.  Towards this end, we get involved in challenges aimed at interested dancers who wish to improve their dance technique and advance their mastery of Scottish country dancing; a recent example of this was earlier this year when 10 dancers, members of Scotia and/or the New York Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS), received the Dancers Achievement Award from the RSCDS.   We also aim to attract new dancers as this not only ensures the future of Scotia, and Scottish country dancing, but also injects healthy doses of vitality and diversity into our community.

Newcomers are especially welcome to begin our new series of classes on September 18.  This season of classes will be led by Charlotte Holten and Jack Cole, two out of a rich cadre of RSCDS trained & certified teachers that is available to us here in the New York area. The first half of each Monday evening focuses upon the introduction of, or improving upon, dance technique and dance formations, while emphasizing the essentially social aspect of the dancing.  Easier dances are mastered so that beginners can immediately experience the thrill of dancing in a set.   The second half of the evening includes more challenging dances, the most challenging of which may be suitable for experienced dancers only so that they, in turn, may have the satisfaction of being “put through their paces.” 

Scotia Dancers is a member of the RSCDS, a world-wide organization that preserves & promotes the tradition of Scottish country dancing.  Scotia is only one of several groups of dancers here in the metropolitan area.  We have strong connections with the New York & New Jersey Branches of the RSCDS, and with other local Scottish country dance groups.  It is exciting to have opportunities to attend events (parties, formal balls, workshops, etc) near and far, to mix and mingle with dancers from up & down the Eastern Seaboard, across the nation, and, all over the world! 

Please either begin or continue this adventure by joining us at Metro Baptist Church, 410 West 40th St.,  NYC, on Monday evenings from 7-10 pm.  The teaching season begins on 9/18/17.   I ask everyone to bring along a friend or associate to the new fall class series.   If possible, arrive a little before 7 pm in order to put on soft-soled shoes and pay the class fee ($10/evening or $90 for 10-classes, $5 for f/t students).  First-timers are given a free pass for their second class.  The class schedule and events dates can be found at www.scotiadancers.org.    

We are so fortunate to have new musical talent emerge in our midst as this year has witnessed the formation of a new duo, Stefanski and Parker.  They will play for us at our opening party on 9/11/17.  We are also excited to announce that our end-of-season party on 12/18/17 will, for the very first time, feature the Flying Romanos as our live music band.     

Finally, thanks to all of you at Scotia for dancing, for organizing, preparing, coordinating, setting up and clearing away, teaching, mentoring & generally inspiring (you all know who you are). 


Mary Gray, President, Scotia Dancers

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